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When your life feels stormy and it feel like no one understands - get proactive and contact one of our licensed therapists that have the capacity to help you create a change. Therapy with licensed clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist can offer benefits in times of stress and when we are ready to work on ourself and our relationship with others in the world. Therapy is different than a conversation with a good friend. We are trained to listen to your whole experience beyond the words and help you reconnect with feelings and the different parts of yourself through counseling within the therapeutic relationship and in a supportive non-judgmental way we will transform suffering into growth.    

A one on one meeting with a licensed therapist where you feel heard and supported on the journey toward acceptance and change. When we find ourselves stuck, repeating the same patterns not knowing what or  how to change psychotherapy and counseling will bring the hidden out from the shadow and into awareness. Individual Therapy will help you bring into  awareness the things that are underlying conflicts so you can remove barriers from your path. When dealing  with loss and  trauma individual therapy can be a safe place to heal, face the facts of existence, give voice  to your feelings and find your personal meaning and hope. When feeling isolated, hopeless, overwhelmed or out of control Individual Therapy will make a difference as we explore feelings and thoughts, resolve conflicts and learn new ways to face future challenges. 


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We offer the best Couples Therapy in Monrovia and San Gabriel Valley. Often couples get stuck repeating the same conflicts and recreating hurt. Emotional Intimacy and Physical Intimacy turn unsatisfying and disconnected. In relationship counseling you will exprience a new way of hearing your partner and being heard by them. Our Couples Counseling will help you resolve conflicts, voice needs and gain new understanding of yourself and your relationship. 

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