ISBN: 978-1-6461-0153-5

Xin is a young elf who is finally about to become old enough to assume the one role she does not want for her life. In a society that promotes freedom to choose who you want to become: she is the only one without choice. Xin wants a life of adventure and to sample what life can bring. Instead, she feels that she is imprisoned in her own forest. Fate has a different path for Xin and her friends- the adventures and growth that she waits for. But will it be what she expects? A murder changes all of that and Xin embarks on an adventure that will change her forever. On this road she takes, she struggles not only against monsters, assassins, and wizards. She will have to fight against losing herself and finding who she is. Will she make it? 


ISBN-13: 978-3639511345
ISBN-10: 3639511344

A new role-play therapeutic intervention developed by Almog Shanun. This book explores a creative new approach to group therapy from an archetypal orientation integrating group work, play therapy and therapeutic role play  and using the imaginal realm to analyze themes in the participants subjective experiences and unconscious material.



By Almog Shanun, LMFT

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