Individual Therapy is a one on one meeting. Using psychological interventions and skills we will help you bring into awareness the things that are underlying conflicts so you can remove barriers from your path Learn more here

Anger has an important role in our lives. Sometimes anger gets in the way, gets us in trouble or just gets disconnected and put on a slow burner so it is not there to move us into needed action. Anger management will get you in touch with anger so it can be your ally and not your enemy. 

We offer psychotherapy services in Spanish with our associate. 

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Family Therapy

We specialize in helping trauma survivors through individual, couples and family therapy. We understand the unique challenges the traumatic experience has on their lives and relationships. Traumatic experience in our past such as abuse, neglect, sexual assault and rape, severe injury, life threatening situation, disaster, war, violence, traumatic loss, injury of trust in relationship and chronic illness can all be experienced as scary and ground shaking. In therapy our goal is to grow and free ourselves from the hold of the past so it is no longer causing us suffering and stops us from fulfillment in the present. We will open the wounds of the past in a safe space to release the pain and suffering and regain our power, trust, sense of self and meaning.    

 המטפלים שלנו דוברי עברית ומכירים את התרבות הישראלית והחברה היהודית  

In a family, members are connected and impact one another as the family experiences changes. Interactions and communication shapes the individuals experience of self and others as our needs are heard and answered. Difficult feelings impact the family life and Family therapy can help to resolve conflicts and improve emotional connections. It can be a very successful way to help parents, children and adolescents through struggles at home and support families dealing with crisis.  

services in person by appointments, on the phone or tele-therapy 

Couples Counseling will help you resolve conflicts, connect emotionally, voice your needs and hear your partner better. Learn more here

Mental illness 

Individual  Therapy

Welcome to the Eye Of The Storm, a psychotherapy practice. We want to hear your story. At Eye Of The Storm we understand life is full of storms and that therapy can make a difference and transform a difficult time into growth. When your relationships are caught in a storm and you don't know how long it is going to last - we are here to help.

As licensed therapists we have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you and your loved ones through challenges and life transitions. We will work through fears and rediscover the strength and passion within. Together we will heal conflicts and hurts to change suffering and create meaning.  

We welcome LGBTQ clients and our licensed therapists are experienced with diversity of culture, ethnicity, sexuality and disability. We accept referrals from court.


Our psychotherapy specialities include Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling, Couples Intimacy and Trust, Sexuality, Open Relationships, Life Style, Polyamory, BDSM and kink. We excel in helping survivors of Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Trauma disorders and PTSD. We help with Addiction, Anger issues, Safety concerns, Self harm, ADHD, Mood disoders - Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Thought disorders and Psychosis, Personality Disorders, Bereavement and loss, and Acculturation.

טיפול אינדוידואלי מאפשר לך להתבונן לתוך עצמך במרחב מקבל ובטוח לבחון מה יושב מתחת לדפוסים שחוזרים בחייך וליצור הזדמנות לשינוי. אנחנו נעזור לך לחשוף את הבלתי מודע ולהגיע לתובנות חדשות. כמטפלים יש לנו את הכלים לעזור לך לבטא במילים את מה שלפני כן לא היה אפשר להביע
טיפול זוגי מאפשר לבני הזוג להביע קנפליקטים בצורה חדשה ללמוד להביע את הצרכים הפנימיים שלנו ולשמוע את האחר. לפתח אינטימיות וקרבה ולהתגבר על פגיעות ובעיות אמון
טיפול משפחתי עוזר למשפחות שחוות תקופות קשות ומשברים להתמודד עם הקשיים יחד ולפתח תיקשורת בריאה

We're here for you and your loved ones therapy needs

We offer psychotherapy services in Hebrew with native speaking therapists familiar with the Jewish and Israeli culture and adjustment difficulties and acculturation.  

Grief and Loss 

Group Therapy

Our therapy services in Monrovia

We believe in treating the person and the underlying causes not just the symptoms. Everyone goes through stormy times in life not knowing how long the storm will last. Our therapists are experienced working with a wide range of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma disorders- PTSD, dissociation, personality disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. From mild to persistent we treat the person with acceptance and appreciation. We care about your story and about your safety.

Life is full of grief. We lose people we love. Life situations change, not always as we wanted them to. Hardships and illness come our way. The fear of death and losing the things we love is present. How to remember without holding to the pain? How to hope and go on without fear? That will be our work in treatment.

Addiction takes many forms and the process of change requires professional help and support. Drug use can affect one's life and loved ones. It is a challenging process and often the steps forward are followed by steps back. We understand addiction and we are here to give you the support you need. Together we will understand the process that pulls us to use substances and create new ways to overcome cravings and difficulties. We also work with love and sex addictions. 

Drug Use, Addiction and Recovery

Couples Therapy

Anger Management 

Therapy in Spanish en español

Therapy in Hebrew טיפול בעברית

Trauma Therapy