"Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity." - Carl Jung

Jennifer's Style of Therapy in Monrovia

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"Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path... this is what I must do, this is what I've got to have. This is who I am." - James Hillman 

Effective therapy is never one-size-fits-all. I believe in taking a fresh
perspective with each new client and tailor my approach to your individual personality and needs. As such my style varies considerably but is always rooted in seeking to understand your experience. I think this approach allows for better insight into the root of a problem and in doing so results in more effective and therapeutic treatment. All this being said, the most important part of treatment is really the "fit" between you and the therapist you chose.

I usually advice people to trust the feeling you get when meeting with the therapist. Is this someone you feel comfortable with? That you can be open with? Often we don't know why specifically but have an initial instinct and some idea about this after a few sessions.

I believe that when self-awareness is paired with motivation for healthy action, individuals and families can realize their fullest potential. The relationship between therapist and client can facilitate gentle and foundational changes aiming to discard dysfunctional coping skills and to acquire healthier tools for living. 

"though the phisicality of death destroys us, the idea of death may save us"-Irvin Yalom

I believe therapy is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves. It is an opportunity to explore and learn about the mysteries of our inner self. When I am working with a client both of us discover a vast new world that waits to unfold.

I studied at Pacifica Graduate Institute, a graduate school dedicated to discovering the inner contents of the self and the secrets of the archetypes of our humanity. I believe in working with my clients face to face, together, by sharing a journey in order to learn about the hardships of today while gaining knowledge about  past and present experiences. 

I believe in and encourage my client’s strength and ability to solve their own problems and become the healers of their own wounds. I work as a guide and as a fellow traveller in your journey toward self discovery.  With every step we take toward discovery, I work hand in hand with my clients, letting them lead in finding the sources of their suffering and their capability to heal them. 

Treatment Modalities: Person Centered Therapy, Post Jungian, Family Systems, Trauma Theory, Sex Therapy, and working within the Feminine Principle. I work with LGBTQ community and with all kind of diversity. At Eye Of The Storm counseling I specialize with Adolescents, Adults, Relationships, Individuation, Immigration, Life Changes, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Sexual Issues,  Personal Growth and Development, Life Style issues, and Court referrals.

Almog is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Almog has been practicing therapy since 2009 with large diversity of clients. He works with individuals, couples, and families. He has a variety of skills from working with severe trauma to court cases; LGBTQ and diversity issues.

Almog's unique understanding of working with teenagers, athletes, veterans, and life style issue and extensive experience working with them.

Services in English and Hebrew דוברי עברית.

Professional Affiliations: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT); San Gabriel  Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (SGV-CAMFT)

Dr. Shir Shanun

Nicolette's Style of Therapy in Monrovia

I use aspects of psychodynamics, cognitive behavior, attachment, mindfulness, family systems and interpersonal theories to create an accepting and nonjudgmental space. I strive to make therapy a pleasant, active, and collaborative experience for you. It is my objective to help you live a more peaceful, present, and purposeful life. I believe that by reflecting and processing what most upsets us, we can positively impact our healing in profound ways.

I work with individual children, teens, and adults, as well as families and
couples. My goal is to guide you through whatever is making you feel lost,
feelings of grief, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, social or relationship

I also offer relationship counseling for romantic and non-romantic partnerships of all kinds. Friends, family members, roommates, business relationships are welcome. I am sex-positive, kink-aware, LGBTQ-affirmative, and welcoming to all non-traditional relationships and lifestyles.

Services in English and Spanish- Habla Español. 

Almog Shanun

Cynthia's Style of Therapy in Monrovia


Dr. Shanun is dedicated to provide an accepting safe space for individuals, couples and families, teenagers, adults and older adults. Gender and Sexuality affirming. Services In English and Hebrew דוברי עברית. Providing therapy since 2008.
Treatment modalities: Psychodynamic relational intersubjective neo-freudian and object relations, existential, and family systems.
Professional affiliation: American Psychological Association and APA Practice Organization.

Our Therapists

Almog's Style of Therapy in Monrovia

"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering" -Friedrich Nietzsche

Jennifer is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Eye of The Storm Therapy, working under the supervision of Almog Shanun, LMFT. Jennifer completed her master’s degree at Azusa Pacific University in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her experience working in intensive outpatient and residential treatment centers has equipped her to manage unexpected crisis, trauma, as well as co-occurring disorders.

Her areas of clinical interest are substance use, childhood and adult trauma, intimate partner violence, and its effects on depression, anxiety, and self-esteem. She is trained ih Domestic Violence, Child Centered Play Therapy, Opioid Crisis and The Art of Becoming Multicultural Therapists.

Through the development of a meaningful connection, Jennifer makes it safe to explore the challenges and pain experienced in life. She specifically understands the complexity of addiction along with relapse, and how it affects individuals from all walks of life. She works alongside children, adolescents, individuals and couples to provide hope, create appropriate boundaries, and develop healthy relationship.

In our search to fulfill ourselves, find meaning and survive our suffering, therapy offers us a safe sanctuary where we can take a genuine look at ourselves and our relationships. Therapy is a place to explore our deepest secrets and desires, get to know our wishes and overcome our fears. To find our path to transcend and bring change into our existence. Therapy is a journey we take to discover our meaning in life and relationships. Together we work to understand what is underlying our conflicts and what keeps us repeating the things we are struggling to change. Therapy is a path to transform suffering into growth and heal the trauma of the past.

I have the privilege of witnessing my clients journey, to help them identify the barriers on their path and reconnect with themselves and others. I will be there with you as we discover that which awaits underneath our awareness and in the shadows. I'll be at your side as we endure the storms of unknown territories in our pursuit of inner treasures of intimacy with yourself and with loved ones.

I see intimacy and sexuality, meaning and freedom as important components of relationships. As human beings we have needs to be recognized and nurtured. I am determined to support diversity as I work with LGBTQ, Life Style, polyamory and open relationships as well as diverse race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and acculturation.

​Nicolette Fugette is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate with Eye of the Storm Therapy working under the supervision of Almog Shanun, LMFT. Nicolette  received her master’s degree in master’s degree in marital and family therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2018. She pursues therapy from a holistic approach, being sensitive to individual cultural and familial factors that are present. In addition, her background in religious studies has made her equipped to work with individuals of various religious practices. Nicolette goal is to learn from each client about what they consider to be important.

 Her certifications include:Level 1 and 2 of Restoration Therapy
 Prepare/Enrich (couples assessment), Trauma-Focused CBT and CTG   training for childhood traumatic grief.

It takes a lot of courage to decide to come to therapy and to walk through that door. Whether it is your first time in a therapy room or you are transitioning into a new season with a new therapist, you are the expert of what you need. I aspire to help my clients to gain insight into what type of therapy and therapist is a best suit for them and their growth.
There are many reasons to seek out therapy- some clients are looking for something in their life to change and others are looking for ways to cope with the things that they cannot change. Oftentimes, our change ends up coming in ways that we do not expect. I help my clients to be able to trust the process and be open to the possibilities to come.

Dr. Shanun is a licensed clinical psychologist working with couples relationships, intimacy, sexuality, trust and open relationships. Focused on creating meaning, freedom, facing existential fears, connection with underlying emotions and healing reenacted struggles and trauma. 

Specialization in trauma work, abuse and sexual assault, addiction and recovery, safety and severe and persistent mental illness and personality disorders, LGBTQAI affirmative, infidelity, polyamory and kink.

Dr. Shanun's Style of Therapy in Monrovia

Jennifer Richter

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #116152 

Nicolette Fugette,

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist  #108169

Life is filled with challenges that leave us feeling defeated and unsure where to turn for support. Maybe these feelings are a response to a lifelong struggle, a particular traumatic experience, intolerable grief, or a painful relationship. Each challenge is personally unique and comes with obstacles that can seem unbearable, especially when we attempt to manage them alone.

Therapy is the first courageous step toward discovering you no longer have to face these challenges alone. We begin by creating a secure space, where it is safe to address what you need to experience healing, recovery and belonging. In therapy we can begin to understand the meaning behind your challenges and successes. Here you have the space to develop your unique voice where you can be heard accepted. Through this trust building endeavor, we can begin to find hope.

I utilize strength-based practices. Together we can explore your world by incorporating CBT, Attachment-Focused, acceptance and various mindfulness practices to help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are.

 It is my hope to accompany you on your journey toward self-discovery, increased self-awareness and personal restoration.

Cynthia Kruk
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Almog's published books.

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Almog Shanun, LMFT 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #89042