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Existential Fears

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Parenting Workshops

One day worksops to provide parents and families with tools to face challenges in a healthy way. Learn about the changes children and teens are going through and what the family can do to overcome challenges along the way. 

 call (626)321-8141 for details.

We offer one day workshops introducing couples to new understandings and skills to improve intimacy.

Begin the process of understanding needs and 
  helpful techniques you can apply immediately.

call (626)321-8141 for details.

Learn more about our Therapists and how can we help.

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Don't let fear control you. This worksop will allow you to start the process of facing overwhelming feelings and situations. We will explore the fears and conflicts of human existence and get to know skills to ease suffering. 

 call (626)321-8141 for details.

New Late Night Hours

Get proactive and schedule an appointment - now open through out the day and also at night.

Don't let the busy life schedule stop you from getting the help you need. call (626)321-8141 

Couples Intimacy Workshop